Neil Gaiman (@NeilHimself) talks audiobooks with

Link: Neil Gaiman (@NeilHimself) talks audiobooks with

There’s a very nice interview with author (and audiobook narrator, and, now, presenter) Neil Gaiman by Laura Miller over at, ranging from his love of audiobooks, to “Neil Gaiman Presents” and, and the ever-fun topic, “is listening to an audiobook ‘really’ reading?”

I have read Gaiman’s thoughts about his affection for Lenny Henry’s narration of Anansi Boys in brief before, but here he offers a bit more expansion on that topic:

Then there’s “Anansi Boys,” my favorite audiobook of all of my stuff, partly because I imagined [actor] Lenny Henry reading it while I was writing it. And partly because there is no way on God’s green earth that I’m going to do an audiobook that has four little old Jamaican ladies in it. I still tell people that if they like “Anansi Boys,” the real version of it is Lenny reading it. That’s the author’s preferred text.

But maybe my favorite bit is later in the interview: “I’d like to think there will come a day when pretty much anything that was published in prose or in poetry you can listen to.”

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