The perils and rewards of having a public “where’s the audiobook?” list

I have done a terrible job of categorizing, sorting, and updating my list of missing audiobooks, as the arrival this year of several on my “where’s the audiobook?” list attests. But on the plus side, sometimes folks see the list and let me know that, hey, some of those books are coming. And I get to pass that info along, which is quite fun. So without further adieu, Audible contacted me to let me know about some of the titles they (or someone they know about) has in the works for 2012:

Glory Road by Robert Heinlein – Blackstone Audio is producing, look for it in 2012.


Mark L. Van Name’s Jon & Lobo series – these are currently in production; Books 1-4 will be available at the end of March, and Audible will have the new book on May 1.

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