Author James Maxey interviews narrator Dave Thompson about Bitterwood

In an Interview with Dave Thompson, narrator of Bitterwood, the book’s author, James Maxey, asks about the process of turning his work into audio. Check it out:

Bitterwood: Dragon Age, Book 1 | [James Maxey]

“Bitterwood has recently been released in audio format through Audible, Amazon, and ITunes. The narrator and producer was Dave Thompson, an editor at PodCastle and narrator of the audio books Norse Code by Greg van Eekhout and Briarpatch by Tim Pratt. Bitterwood is my first audio book, so I was glad to be partnered with someone who knew what he was doing. Translating a book into an audio performance is definitely an art form of its own, leaving me with several questions as to how Dave had pulled it off so masterfully. Fortunately, Dave was generous enough with his time to answer some of my questions.”

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