Harry Potter, now on Audible

Well, it’s finally happened. For years, if you wanted to (legally!) listen to the Harry Potter series in audio, you could only avail yourself of the physical CD sets, either buying them outright or (as I did) patiently waiting in the library hold list. Then! In 2012, as reported here of course, the US (read by Jim Dale) and UK (read by Stephen Fry) digital audio editions became available at the Pottermore shop, albeit with a hefty price tag of $29.99 (for the first three books, each) and $44.99/each for the remaining books. They also started showing up in library digital collections (Overdrive) but there you’re still waiting in the queue, and if you want to listen again? “Form a line!”

Well, apparently an appropriately-sized money truck full of galleons has made the trek from Seattle (Amazon) and/or New Jersey (Audible) to Gringott’s, as all seven digital audiobooks are now available at Audible as well.

Harry Potter on Audible

They’ve launched the availability of the series with some huge banners, and (as on Pottermore) the edition available is region-dependent: the US gets Jim Dale, the UK and Australia get Stephen Fry.

On Twitter, Dave asked the same first question that came to my mind: are the audiobooks coming to DRM-free Downpour.com as well? So far, no news on that front, but we’ll keep you posted.

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