Welcome to my guide to the audio world of science fiction and fantasy

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Welcome to my guide to the audio world of science fiction and fantasy

Posted on 2011-06-20 at 18:5 by Sam

Hello, and welcome to yet another blog. This one sets out to cover, twice monthly or so with occasional additional updates, what’s out there to listen to in terms of speculative fiction, focusing on new releases of science fiction and fantasy audiobooks at Audible.com. One post to begin each month with a preview of what’s coming, and another post at the end of the month to recap what I enjoyed hearing. I hope you like it and that you’ll play along, either submitting your own picks and/or asking questions. I’m also trying to put together some sidebar pages (such as a guide for Young Readers, a guide to what’s free at Audible.com, a guide to SF/F podcasts, etc.) but these will take a while to fill out. Do feel free to suggest things as I go along — it should be pretty quickly apparent the kinds of stories I like, and if you like them too, I hope we can get along nicely and, just maybe, help each other discover new stories as well. And, hey, maybe by talking about them we can discover new things about the stories we already like! We’ll see where this goes.

First up I am working on some “backdated” features, having combed back through my listening history and the long, long wishlist I’ve accumulated over the years. That should get us caught up, so we can move forward. Still, it might be a bit confusing, as “new” backdated posts will appear before this “welcome” post, until I clean up and make sense of my notes.

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