“First Friday” for July 2011 (and other July 1 goodies)

Link: “First Friday” for July 2011 (and other July 1 goodies)

An apparently new feature to post every “first Friday” of the month: “On the First Friday of every month, Audible will present a selection of exciting books, new in audio. Load up for the weekend and enjoy.”

From what I can see, this means previously released books that are now new in audio. For this first “first Friday” this includes a large selection of Kevin J. Anderson novels, including his 1988 novel Resurrection, Inc.

More notable July 1 new SF/F releases at are Flashback by Dan Simmons and Heartless: The Parasol Protectorate, the Fourth by Gail Carriger.

But with the good comes some bad. The ITMS (Apple’s iTunes Music Store) “first in a series” sale has, apparently, ended.

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