's July-long "ZombieFest" is here. Also: SF/F July 6 releases.

←'s "The Paperback Sale" with a pile of good audiobooks. Also: July 5 SF/F releases.
Surprise release: Naked City, an anthology of original urban fantasy edited by Ellen Datlow →'s July-long "ZombieFest" is here. Also: SF/F July 6 releases.

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Link:’s July-long “ZombieFest” is here. Also: SF/F July 6 releases.

Another new feature at, this one a month-long “ZombieFest”:

ZombieFest is here. Over the next month we’ll have four exclusive early-release zombie novels — starting with Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines. With each of the four books, you’ll get one of Clines’ interlocked stories from The Junkie Quatrain — written just for zombie fans like you, and available exclusively through Audible. Plus, check out our authors/zombie experts Iain McKinnon, Peter Clines, Craig DiLouie, and Bryon Morrigan providing video answers to your zombie questions below.


Ex-Patriots is the sequel to Ex-Heroes and does seem to fit the bill for being an exclusive early release — doesn’t have a mention of the new novel in print or other formats. At the bottom of the mini-site, 8 author videos discuss zombie topics such as: Tactics, Public Appetite, Provisions, Weaponry, Personnel, Safe Zones, Nautical Tactics, and Stiff Competition.

Also: Might as well use this space for July 6 updates to Not a busy day, but a long (long!) awaited 4th volume in the Gormenghast stories, and a nice new production of Kipling’s Mowgli stories.

(Note: this post mysteriously deleted earlier today… glad I still had the text lying around…)

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