Just added at Audible.com: J.G. Ballard's 2003 novel Millennium People

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Just added at Audible.com: J.G. Ballard's 2003 novel Millennium People

Posted on 2011-07-13 at 14:26 by Sam

Link: Just added at Audible.com: J.G. Ballard’s 2003 novel Millennium People

J. G. Ballard is a writer of which I’ve heard much, but from whom I’ve read nearly nothing. Today, courtesy an AudioGO production of a David Rintoul narration, Audible.com added Millennium People to its catalog:

The explosive J. G. Ballard renaissance, which began with the 2009 publication of The Complete Stories of J. G. Ballard, now continues with his first novel to be published in America in a full decade. “Wonderfully warped, darkly comic” (The Economist), Millennium People tells the story of David Markham, a psychologist who is searching for the truth behind a bomb that exploded on a Heathrow baggage carousel, killing his ex-wife. Infiltrating a shadowy protest group responsible for her death, David finds himself succumbing to the charismatic charms of the group’s leader, who hopes to incite a violent rebellion against the government by his fanatical adherents, the spiritually and financially impoverished members of Britain’s white middle class. A shockingly plausible and extremely unsettling vision of society in collapse, Millennium People “dissects the perverse psychology that links terrorists with their innocent victims” (New Statesman).

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