The Guilded Earlobe reviews Lewis Shiner's Glimpses

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The Guilded Earlobe reviews Lewis Shiner's Glimpses

Posted on 2011-08-30 at 13:46 by Sam

Link: The Guilded Earlobe reviews Lewis Shiner’s Glimpses

From the review: “Lewis’s tales of a time bending rock fan gives us an intimate look at rock legends as well as a realistic portrayal of a middle aged man whose faith in rock and roll to change the world is put to the ultimate challenge. … I was amazed by the amount of love and detail Shiner presented his rock and roll idols with. He humanizes rock legends like  Brian Wilson and Jimi Hendricks in a way I have never seen before, giving them such depth of character that even someone like me, who admires their work but was never truly a fan, is easily pulled into the tale. … You can truly feel the passion for the material in narrator Stefan Rudnicki’s performance of Glimpses. Rudnicki’s iconic deep bass voice perfectly fits main character Ray Shackleford, yet where he truly excels is in his ability to give a full range of performances, including iconic rock stars, and complicated women.”

Back to me: Glimpsesby Lewis Shiner narrated by Stefan Rudnicki is available for an member price of just $6.95 and is well, well worth it.

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