Happy audiobook release day, Lauren Beukes's MOXYLAND!

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Happy audiobook release day, Lauren Beukes's MOXYLAND!

Posted on 2011-09-14 at 13:59 by Sam

Well, it’s Wednesday September 14, and Wednesdays tend to see some “odd” titles filter in after the “big new releases” on Tuesdays. Today is no exception, with a major new audiobook along with with three medium-length titles which all look pretty interesting.

The one I’ve been waiting for is Moxyland By Lauren Beukes Narrated by Nico Evers-Swindell. It’s the first of Beukes’s books to come to audio, with her award-winning Zoo City slated to come soon as well, again from “Angry Robot on Brilliance Audio” — a partnership I hope continues for many, many titles.

It’s a short to medium listen at a shade under 8 hours, described as: “What’s really going on? Who’s really in charge? You have NO. F***KING. IDEA. In the near future, an art-school dropout, an AIDS baby, a tech-activist, and an RPG-obsessed blogger live in a world where your online identity is at least as important as your physical one. Getting disconnected is a punishment worse than imprisonment, but someone’s got to stand up to Government Inc. - whatever the cost.”

The other three I want to mention are:

  • Demian (1919) By Hermann Hesse Narrated by Jason McCoy — “Emil Sinclair is a young boy raised in a bourgeois home, amidst what is described as a Scheinwelt, a play on words that means “world of light” as well as “world of illusion”. Emil’s entire existence can be summarized as a struggle between two worlds: the show world of illusion (related to the Hindu concept of maya) and the real world, the world of spiritual truth. In the course of the novel, accompanied and prompted by his mysterious classmate ‘Max Demian’, he detaches from and revolts against the superficial ideals of the world of appearances and eventually awakens into a realization of self.”
  • In Search of Sarina: Book Two of the Truth Sayers Trilogy By Sharron Larter Akers Narrated by Stephen Rozzell — Though book one of this trilogy does not appear to be available: “In this postapocalyptic world, tyranny has taken over, and moral conduct has been forgotten. The Truth Sayers have been forced underground to survive, but when two groups joined forces to form the Freedom Fighters and took down the Walled City of the West, they brought a bit of hope back to the families in hiding. Unfortunately on their return from the battle, Sarina McCary, one of the Freedom Fighters, went missing. Now former bodyguard Laird has promised her parents he’ll go In Search of Sarina and won’t return without her.”
  • Levels: A Novel (abridged) By Jim Vuksic Narrated by Stephen Rozzell — “For years, Jonathan has been taught that too much knowledge acquired too soon does more harm than good. That’s what the sacred texts teach. Jonathan knows the sacred texts and the tales of ancient times backward and forward. He has heard them his entire life, and they have shaped his perception of the world. But perception and reality are often very different. Levels follows Jonathan as his formal primary education comes to an end. After a lifetime of learning by rote from the ancient texts and doing whatever his teachers tell him to do, Jonathan now has a chance to explore his world for himself and put the teachings he knows so well to the test.”

Whew. Well, now that September is about half over, maybe it’s time for me to finally post my September “preview” …

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