Audiobook release day: The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen

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Audiobook release day: The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen

Posted on 2011-09-28 at 20:25 by Sam

A couple of new audiobooks today, the first being The Revisionists By Thomas Mullen Narrated by Robert Fass, out from Hachette Audio:

This one’s been on my anticipated titles list for a good bit, a far future dystopia of Departments and Revisionists. Out concurrent with its release in print.

    Also out today is Terralus 4 By Lee Gimenez Narrated by Dave Courvoisier from Books in Motion — Out in February on Kindle and in print in April, from Salvo Press: “Life on Earth in the year 2074 is bleak following years of climate change, widespread viruses, and worldwide economic collapse. To save mankind, NASA prepares to send a starship with human colonists to Terralus 4, an Earth-like planet in the Alurian system. But then a powerful extraterrestrial race, the Believers, arrive on Earth, promising hope, peace and prosperity. At first they are welcomed as saviors, but over time a much darker side is revealed. Captain Aki Wu, smart and beautiful leader of the NASA crew, escapes Earth with her security officer Stuart (Mac) McKenzie, and travel to Terralus 4, where they land and attempt to colonize the planet. They battle the harsh climate and a variety of bizarre alien races that inhabit the planet, but finally succeed in establishing a human settlement. However, their efforts may prove futile when the Believers land on Terralus 4. Now, with the help of local aliens, they fight the Believers in an effort to ensure the survival of the human race.”

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