Audiobook release day: Rule 34 by Charles Stross

Today sees the release of Rule 34 By Charles Stross Narrated by Robert Ian Mackenzie from Recorded Books:

A “loose sequel” to Halting State, Rule 34 uses three interleaving first person perspectives to tell its story: Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross takes listeners into the near future for this breathtaking thriller. As head of the Rule 34 Squad, Detective Inspector Liz Kavanaugh keeps a close eye on Internet activity, monitoring whether people are participating in harmless fantasies or engaging in illegal activities. When three criminal spammers are murdered, it’s up to Liz to determine how the victims were connected. If she can’t figure it out, more people will surely die.”

And here’s the book cover for the Ace Hardcover edition (July of this year), if that looks familiar:

The “thematic trilogy” is set to continue with The Lambda Functionary (working title) in 2014.

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