Fun times, we just found a great interview between and Guillermo Del Toro: What made you want to write an apocalyptic vampire tale?

Del Toro: Originally I wanted very much to try and present the origins of the vampire plague in very modern terms. And then little by little, with each book, go back to finding the spiritual in the biology and finding the biology in the myth.

I feel like science and religion are like a Möbius strip. When you dig deep enough into religion, you find science to explain it, and when you dig deep enough and long enough into science you find things that are unexplained.

And I wanted very much for the books to come full circle. There’s a passage at the end of The Night Eternal where one of the characters, Mr. Q, says, “The language of God is biology.” Essentially he says that god sends the letter, but he doesn’t send the dictionary.

You can read the full interview online. In the meantime we hope you enjoy a little snippet of the audiobook, The Night Eternal!

An interview with Del Toro, and a little snippet of the audiobook The Night Eternal:

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