2011 in review, 3 of 4: Where's the audiobook?

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2011 in review, 3 of 4: Where's the audiobook?

Posted on 2011-12-21 at 19:22 by Sam

This is the third of four posts looking back at 2011 in science fiction and fantasy audiobooks. I started with my year in listening and continued with a look into what I missedHere, I’ll gripe at the world with my list of the most missing audiobooks of the year — those books I wanted to listen to but for which there was no audiobook. Lastly, I’ll lay out my picks for the year’s best in science fiction and fantasy audiobooks. But now: Where’s the audiobook?

NOVELS: YOUNG ADULT: I don’t read too many YA books but a couple this year really had my interest YOUNG READERS: For some reason I find myself reading more YR than YA; probably that’s reading with my kids but some of it is just being annoyed at “whiny teen angst” YA voices and finding “curious kid” much more interesting: ANTHOLOGIES and COLLECTIONS: I only listened to a few of these last year (the Wild Cards anthologies come to mind) but in previous years I enjoyed the METAtropolis anthologies, and I’ll be listening to William Gibson’s Burning Chrome very soon: NON-FICTION: So. That’s a lot; too much to be useful. I cut quite a bit off of this list, too, but didn’t pare it down all the way to a list like “titles I would buy tomorrow if they were released”. On that list? At least: R/evolution, Postcolonialism and Science Fiction, Mechanique, Never Knew Another, Ten Billion Days and One Hundred Billion Nights, Briarpatch, Sensation, and (most especially) Lavie Tidhar’s Osama, which is my #1 “where’s the audiobook?” for 2011. I want to listen to it:


Audible wrote to let me know that some of these are in production or coming soon:

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