My plans for this blog in 2012!

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My plans for this blog in 2012!

Posted on 2012-01-02 at 3:17 by Sam

Whew. 2011 is barely a day over, and here I am planning a hole year of blogging about science fiction and fantasy audiobooks. First, a couple of changes:

  • I’m probably going to listen to fewer than 80 audiobooks this year. I want to take better advantage of the reading time I do have — those times where I could have been sitting and reading but instead have been sitting and listening. So instead of an 80-20 split on audiobooks vs. “real reading” I’m hoping to bring it closer to 50-50.
  • I’ve been covering too many releases, even in brief these take time. So, I’m going to start trying to filter even more, going from a “am I a bit interested in this?” to “would I listen to this tomorrow if I had the time, or will this be on my wishlist in a month?”

That said, my rough plans for the year are to give this blog a little more structure, with (interspersed with short reviews and other bits) “Interview Mondays”, “Release Week Wednesdays”, and “Feature Fridays” — whether those features are reviews, previews, articles, or guest features. Well, thanks for following along so far, I’m looking forward to a great 2012, starting with my first “Interview Monday” tomorrow with The Guilded Earlobe’s Bob Reiss. See you then!

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