Feature Friday: Ridiculously Huge Preview of 2012

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Feature Friday: Ridiculously Huge Preview of 2012

Posted on 2012-01-13 at 18:3 by Sam

This one comes more than a week later than planned as we’re not just one but two release weeks into the year, but, hey, it’s really, really big. As always a big, big hat tip to Cybermage’s sf book calendar, along with Locus Magazine’s forthcoming books listing, a long list of ARCs offered for the Magick 4 Terri LiveJournal, io9, and a particularly fruitful thread on the ASOIAF forum. This is probably too big to be useful? Maybe. Probably. I got carried away. So much for my goal of keeping track of fewer books!

So up front I’ll limit myself to just a baker’s dozen before the “read more” break, which has, well, more like a couple dozen dozen:

  • The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus read by TBA for Recorded Books (Knopf, Jan 17, 2012) — a story of a world where the voices of children become lethal to their parents, and a boy who sets out in search of a cure
  • Greatshadow: The Dragon Apocalypse by James Maxey (Solaris, Jan 31, 2012) — no audio news
  • Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders by Samuel R. Delany (Magnus Books, Feb 7, 2012) — no audio news — have had this one on pre-order since last October, hoping it makes this new release date
  • Throne of the Crescent Moon (The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, #1) by Saladin Ahmed (Brilliance Audio, 7 Feb 2012) — concurrent with the DAW hardcover, Phil Gigante narrating
  • Exogene by T. C. McCarthy, read by Donald Corren for Blackstone Audio (Orbit, 28 Feb 12) — sequel to 2011’s Germline
  • Arctic Rising by Tobias S. Buckell (Tor, Feb 28, 2012) — no audio news
  • Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway (Knopf, Mar 20, 2012) — no audio news for this new novel from the author of The Gone-Away World
  • YA/YR? Railsea by China Mieville (Del Rey, May 15, 2012) — moletrains and moldywarpe hunts — “a novel for readers of all ages, a gripping and brilliantly imagined take on Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick” — no audio news, but my guess is it will be coming
  • 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson (Orbit, May 22, 2012) — “The year is 2312. Scientific and technological advances have opened gateways to an extraordinary future. Earth is no longer humanity’s only home; new habitats have been created throughout the solar system on moons, planets, and in between. But in this year, 2312, a sequence of events will force humanity to confront its past, its present, and its future.” — no audio news
  • Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas by John Scalzi (Tor, Jun 5, 2012) — no audio news, but if it isn’t read by Wil Wheaton I will be surprised and disappointed
  • The Twelve: A Novel by Justin Cronin (Random House Audio, Aug 28, 2012) — sequel to 2010’s The Passage
  • Anthology: After: Dystopian and Post-apocalyptic Tales edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (Nov 6, 2012) — no audio news — table of contents
  • Ironskin (Ironskin, #1) by Tina Connolly (Tor Books, Fall 2012) — confirmed coming to audio from Audible — “Jane Eyre with fairies” — “ Jane Eliot wears an iron mask. It’s the only way to contain the fey curse that scars her cheek. The Great War is five years gone, but its scattered victims remain — the ironskin.”

And… I’ll pick an additional baker’s dozen of audiobooks of books released in print in previous years that I’m waiting for in 2012 with utmost anticipation:

  • Children No More by Mark L. Van Name, coming somewhere in the March-April time frame from Audible (Baen, August 2010)
  • The Greyfriar: Vampire Empire, Book 1 and The Rift Walker: Vampire Empire, Book 2 by Clay and Susan Griffith, read by James Marsters for Buzzy Multimedia (Pyr, September 2010 and September 2011) — the first of these is coming soon, “mid-spring 2012” and the second hopefully later in 2012
  • Pilgrim of the Sky by Natania Barron, read by the author, coming from Candlemark & Gleam (Candlemark & Gleam, December 2011) — coming imminently
  • A Book of Tongues and A Rope of Thorns by Gemma Files, the first two volumes of her “boundary-busting horror-fantasy” Hexslinger Series, originally published in print by Chizine, coming to audiobook from Iambik
  • Collection: After the Apocalypse by Mauren McHugh was published in 2011 by Small Beer Press, and picked as one of the year’s best books (in any genre) by Publishers Weekly. Coming to audio in 2012 from Recorded Books.
  • Was by Geoff Ryman is a compelling, beautiful retelling of The Wizard of Oz and per Small Beer Press’s Gavin Grant (who is re-issuing the book in print this year) it should be part of Neil Gaiman Presents in audio this year
  • Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge, narrated by Miette Elm for Iambik Audio — published in early 2011 by Small Beer Press, the audiobook is due in February
  • The Freedom Mazeby Delia Sherman — out in late 2011 from Small Beer Press, coming in 2012 from Listening Library
  • 2010’s The Horns of Ruin (Pyr) by Tim Akers is coming from Audible in 2012 — along with 2009’s Heart of Veridon and 2011’s Dead of Veridon (Solaris Books) (but I’m cheating and not counting those two in my baker’s dozen, well, because my blog)
  • Alan Baxter’s RealmShift and MageSign are coming to audio via a successful ACX.com engagement, read by Matt “Bentley” Allegre
  • Matthew Hughes’s The Other (Underland Press, November 1, 2011) is coming to audio, read by Edward Willett for Iambik Audiobooks
  • J.M. McDermott’s debut Last Dragon (Wizards of the Coast, 2009) is coming to audio from Iambik Audiobooks
  • Kij Johnson’s novella “The Man Who Bridged the Mist” will be in Infinivox’s audio anthology of the best short novels of 2011
  • Robert Heinlein’s Glory Road — coming from Blackstone audio “sometime” in 2012
  • The Omega Point Trilogy by George Zebrowski (1983) read by Oliver Wyman

What are your most-anticipated titles of 2012? Looking for some (too many!) ideas? This post is for you. Enter if you dare.











  • YA/YR: The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There by Catherynne M. Valente (Brilliance Audio, Oct 9, 2012) — sequel to The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
  • YA: Ruins by Orson Scott Card, from Brilliance Audio, simultaneously released with the hardcover from Simon Pulse — continuing the story of 2010’s Pathfinder (Simon Pulse, October 30)
  • The Eternal Flame: Orthogonal Volume 2 by Greg Egan (Night Shade Books, October 2012) — sequel to The Clockwork Rocket





  • Work for Hire (working title) by Joe Haldeman — I had a chance to hear a bit of this from the author at illogiCon, and I’m really, really looking forward to getting to the rest
  • The Whispering Swarm by Michael Moorcock (The Sanctuary of the White Friars #1) is to be out from Tor on April 1, 2013
  • YR: Colossusby Stephen Messer (Random House Books for Young Readers, 2013)
  • The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord — author of Redemption in Indigo to be published by Del Rey (US, 2013) and Jo Fletcher Books (UK, Quercus Books, 2012)
  • Turbulence by Samit Basu — previously published in India, Titan Books is publishing this India- and London-set superhero novel in the UK in 2012 (27 July) and in the US in 2013 (“Summer”)
  • Fiddlehead by Cherie Priest — the fifth book in her Clockwork Century series (Tor, 2013)
  • Homeland by Cory Doctorow  — coming in 2013 from Tor Teen, this is the sequel to Little Brother — audiobook chances are good, but there’s not much chance of it appearing at Audible.com as Audible does not allow its publishers to publish without DRM
  • Cold Days (The Dresden Files, #14) by Jim Butcher — not sure, but likely 2013 rather than late 2012
  • The Seeker (The Host, #3) by Stephenie Meyer (2013?)
  • Hook and Cod by Jesse Bullington (Orbit, 2013?)
  • Highprince of War (Stormlight Archive #2) by Brandon Sanderson (likely 2013)
  • City in the Jungle (Novels of the Malazan Empire #4) by Ian Cameron Esslemont (likely 2013)
  • Warcage by Michael Cobley (Orbit, Autumn 2013)
  • The Winds of Winter by George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire) — 2014+
  • The Doors of Stone (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #3) by Patrick Rothfuss — 2014+
  • The Last Dark (Covenant 10: Book Four of The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant) by Stephen R. Donaldson


WHEW. Yeah. Why in the world did I compile this…

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