Audiobook release day: John Carter in ‘A Princess of Mars’, read by Scott Brick

Although I swear I saw Tanith Lee’s Delusion’s Master, read by Susan Duerden no less, show up momentarily today, another title hit Audible’s shelves this evening and seems to have stuck: John Carter in ‘A Princess of Mars’: Barsoom Series, Book 1 By Edgar Rice BurroughsNarrated by Scott Brick for Tantor Audio:

While it’s the 7th production of A Princess of Mars I can find on Audible alone, it’s notable for it’s narrator (Brick) and it’s timeliness (Disney’s fortchoming John Carter film opens March 8, and the John Joseph Adams-edited anthology Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom hit bookshelves on February 7).

Also out today are a pair of Kristen Britain books in her Green Rider fantasy series, both read by Ellen Archer for Penguin Audio: Green Rider and First Rider’s Call: Book Two of Green Rider.

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