It's Iambik Audiobooks day!

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It's Iambik Audiobooks day!

Posted on 2012-07-27 at 17:6 by Sam

It’s been a while since I saw any Iambik titles showing up at, but today has seen a long list arrive, including the absolutely fantastic, you should not miss, Last Dragon By J. M. McDermott, Narrated by Cori Samuel:

I bought this direct from Iambik earlier this year, and it immediately became one of my all-time favorites. As I said in my May listening report, “The book is a disjointed experience, with several timelines bringing out exquisite foreshadowing and a beautiful sense of melancholy, purpose, and atmosphere. At first, the switches between timelines was a bit jarring, but before long I found the rhythm and began to recognize the cues that setting, characters, and events quickly provided. I do not want to say too much about this book other than: listen to it or read it. Zhan is a girl coming of age, leaning to be a hunter in a secondary world of snow, ash, war, and power. What magic there once might have been is largely gone. What gods there are do not seem to listen. Once, dragons lived. But they have all been hunted and killed. So, into this, in a tribal culture, the girl Zhan. Her family is murdered, apparently by her grandfather, and so off on a quest of vengeance into the wider world goes Zhan with her uncle Seth, a fire-breathing shaman. Who can make golems. They meet and hire a mercenary bodyguard; a paladin; a gypsy. They travel through and ahead of the drums of war. It’s just beautiful. Go read it.”

I’ve only just started on another title, A Book of Tongues: Hexslinger, Book 1 By Gemma Files, Narrated by Gordon Mackenzie, and book two is already here as well: A Rope of Thorns: Hexslinger, Book 2:

And here’s some more just-added (to Audible, they’ve been available direct from Iambik for a bit) titles:

And, speaking of Iambik, as I mentioned in this week’s release week post, they have recently published another pair of sf/f titles, so far only available directly from Iambik: The Land at the End of the Working Day by Peter Crowther, Narrated by Robert Keiper (Published in print by PS Publishing) and Outer Diverse by Nina Munteanu, Narrated by Dawn Harvey (Published in print by Starfire World Syndicate) — for Outer Diverse use code diverse-launch for 10% off.

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