What's in a name? Welcome to The AudioBookaneers!

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What's in a name? Welcome to The AudioBookaneers!

Posted on 2012-10-14 at 0:56 by Sam

When I started The Audible SF/F Blog in June 2011, I was hoping that the double meaning of “audible”, that is both the well-known audiobook company and the state of being, er, audible, which is so very characteristic of audiobooks, wouldn’t create TOO much confusion. While the first words of the site description were “completely unaffiliated”, when people looked only at the short name, whether on Twitter @AudibleSFF or Facebook, or wherever, it’s pretty obvious that it wasn’t a good idea.

So: a new name! I’d been toying around with a few possibilities for the better part of a year, but it’s been actually fairly hard to find something that is available on both Facebook and Twitter, and also isn’t someone’s well-established pseudonym out there. And which both I and Dave (Thompson) both like.

But late last week, Dave sent me: “The AudioBookaneers”. Yes. That’s it. That’s the name we’ve been waiting on: Dave and I are now The AudioBookaneers, sailing the seven seas of audiobooks in search of treasure and monsters.

Along with the name change (Twitter and Facebook, done) it was also a good time to make one more move, to a blog set up for multiple contributors. So this new site (that you are reading, right now) is on Wordpress, which also hosts Bull Spec, and so I’ll only have to remember how to use one blogging platform, at least for a little while.

I hope you’ll keep following along on our continuing audiobook adventures, and: stay tuned pretty soon for info on something we’re calling “The Arrrrrrrrrrrdies”, our version of year-end audiobook awards for our listening year. (Some of those “rrr”s may be redacted. Or not…)

-Sam and Dave, The AudioBookaneers

PS: Obviously we still have some moving to do — and some new art in mind! So pardon the wreckage for a while.

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