Whispersync Deal: James Maxey's Bitterwood, read by Dave Thompson for Just $1.99

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Whispersync Deal: James Maxey's Bitterwood, read by Dave Thompson for Just $1.99

Posted on 2013-10-21 at 18:15 by Dave


Some of you know in my spare time, I record audiobooks (as well as PodCastle, a free fantasy fiction podcast). Yesterday, I woke up to a pleasant surprise - James Maxey's Bitterwood, which I narrate, is on sale at Audible for the super cheap price of $1.99 thanks to a Whisersync deal. That's just about 14 hours of me talking in the voices of a bunch of different dragons, and even singing a death hymn. It's actually a really wild, science fantasy kind of story, and the price is impossible to beat.

In order to get the audiobook for $1.99, you have to download the Kindle eBook first. That's no big deal, though, since the eBook is free.

Here's the blurb:

Bitterwood has spent the past twenty years hunting down dragons, one at a time. But he is getting old and the hate that he has carried in his heart since a group of dragon-soldiers killed his family is beginning to fade. When he kills the royal prince dragon, the king decides the only retribution is genocide of the human race. Bitterwood is forced to enter the Free City, the grand trap designed to eradicate mankind, with thousands of others. Can he lead from within, or can a select few dragons unite to stop the king's madness from becoming reality. Full of rich characters and drama, this is an amazingly astute vision of our own culture by way of a feudal kingdom where dragons rule, and humans are used as workers or pets.

And here's what Bob Reiss of the Guilded Earlobe says about it:

[Thompson] brings all the vast wonderful dragon characters to life in ways I didn’t expect. One of the reasons I feel I enjoyed this story more was Thompson had a gruffness to his voice that gave these dragons a quality that separated them from the human characters.

He also says I didn't give him ear herpes, which is a lovely thing to have on my resume!

I have no idea how long the book will be for sale, so if you're tempted, grab it while you can. I don't think it'll ever be less expensive than this.

People want to know if I'm gonna be finishing out this trilogy that James created, and the answer is - I should be able to tell you more about that soon!

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