And the winner is…

Thanks everyone for your comments on the “most overlooked” sf/f novel of 2013 as part of this year’s cross-examination of the Publishers Weekly,, and Goodreads Award lists. We ended up with seven valid entries for the free six-month subscription to, in order:

  1. “Damon” for The Daedalus Incident
  2. “D. Sharer” for Kill City Blues
  3. “Joel” for Wolfhound Century
  4. “Arren” for The Rithmatist
  5. “David Graybeard” for Great North Road
  6. “ficticious1” for The Dream Thieves
  7. “Ash” for The Tyrant’s Law

(And one which just missed the cutoff date/time, theguildedearlobe for Love Minus Eighty.)

So! As promised I headed over to and entered 1 for the minimum and 7 for the maximum, and it answered: 3. Congrats, “Joel”! I’ll be in touch via email shortly!

Now, I had hoped to announce the next giveaway — an epic-sized epic fantasy giveaway — but I just don’t have the content ready. It’s part of something big, and we want to get it right. It may yet happen later today, or it may be best to hold off until after Thanksgiving. In any case, thanks for participating, and I hope you keep checking back for the release week coverage, Dave’s reviews, more simple contests like this one, and the other bits. Thanks, everybody!

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