What ever happened to Sam’s “Release Week” roundup posts? They’re on reddit!

I’ve realized that I never made any kind of “formal” post or announcement here on the blog, when I moved the “Release Week” roundup posts from here to reddit‘s /r/audiobooks… So… Yeah… Sorry about that. I’ve been a moderator there for quite a long time now, and when push came to shove for that particular column, the formatting, linking, images, and such just became a bit too much to both write up here and then sanitize a bit for posting over there, and I just took to using the more or less “barebones” formatting over there and calling it a day. If you’d like to go back and take a look at what’s been coming out on a week by week basis for, oh, the past year and a half, at least, start here with my picks for the release week ending February 28 and work your way backwards through the “last week” links. Enjoy! I don’t think I’ll make too much of a habit of posting here about it, but I’ll start at least sharing the week’s picks on Facebook and Twitter. I know it’s not quite the same without the images and links (and more extensive write-ups) but, well, it’s what I’ve got time to slash together these days.

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