Received: Three MP3-CD review copies from Blackstone Audio, including:

  • EXOGENE by T. C. McCarthy, read by Bahni Turpin — to be published in CD, MP3-CD, and digital audio March 1, 2012 — sequel to last year’s excellent debut GERMLINE
  • TO MARRY MEDUSA by Theodore Sturgeon, read by Stefan Rudnicki and directed by Emily Janice Card — published in CD and MP3-CD 2/1/2012, in digital audio 2/24/2009 — A work of classic sf from 1958: “Up until one minute ago, Gurlick was merely a specimen of homo sapiens, and a substandard specimen at that. But now this craven, seething, barely literate drunk has ingested a spore that traveled light-years before touching down on our planet, a spore that has in turn ingested Gurlick, turning him into a host for the Medusa, a hive mind so vast that it encompasses the life forms of a billion planets—a hive mind that is determined to ingest Earth as well.”
  • A DOOR INTO OCEAN by Joan Slonczewski, read by Rosalyn Landor, produced by Stefan Rudnicki, and directed by Gabrielle de Cuir — published in CD and MP3-CD Jan 1, 2012 and in digital audio 7/31/2008, this 1986 novel won the John W. Campbell Award for best science fiction novel — “A groundbreaking work both of feminist science fiction and of world-building, hard science fiction.”
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