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2016 Arrrdies, Part 1: The digital regional divide of 2015: Tad Williams, Daniel Polansky, Becky Chambers, Robert Holdstock, Sarah Pinborough, and more

Posted on 2016-02-22 at 17:8 by Sam

I had a blast putting together the most missing audiobooks of 2014, and I'm back for more. This year saw (in the US Audible science fiction and fantasy section alone) 3,606 new audiobooks, up a few hundred from last year's 3,267. And, of course, that number doesn't include GraphicAudio, independent and podiobook releases, and (most notably for my interests) the six new Cory Doctorow audiobooks at DRM-free

I suppose that in fairness I should go back through the 2014 list and highlight some of

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