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"Twisted and Frighteningly Relatable" -- James reviews The Circle

Posted on 2017-04-06 at 13:25 by Sam
The Circle by Dave Eggers

The Circle
By Dave Eggers
Narrated by Dion Graham for Random House
 [Audible | Downpour]

-- Review by James Alexander --

Like a novel-length episode of Black Mirror, Dave Eggers’ The Circle paints a twisted and frighteningly relatable picture of technology and human nature gone wrong. The story beings with Mae Holland, a recent college graduate, bored, broke and overqualified at her nightmare of a job in public utility. She’s eventually recruited into the Circle, an exciting, all-encompassing tech

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Release Week: James Gunn's Transcendental, Dave Eggers' The Circle, Gordon Van Gelder's Welcome to the Greenhouse, and Brenda Cooper's The Diamond Deep

Posted on 2013-10-09 at 20:26 by Sam

OCTOBER 2-8, 2013: A very welcome Recorded Books release of a sf legend's new novel, a new Dave Eggers "very near future" dystopian satire of a culture devoted to selling their privacy for convenience, an anthology of climate change stories, and book two in Brenda Cooper's Ruby's Song all make for a delightful set of release week picks. Meanwhile in the "also out" listings you can find collections from Connie Willis and Nancy Kilpatrick, a Shakespearean Star Wars riff, Chuck Palahniuk's Doomed, the first of

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