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Bookburners Listen-a-Long #3: Fair Weather by Margaret Dunlap

Posted on 2015-10-06 at 3:49 by Sam

bb-03-26093838 Bookburners: Season One: Episode 3: Fair Weather by Margaret Dunlap read by Xe Sands for Serial Box

[Missed Episode 1? The pilot episode is still free, and at under 90 minutes each it’s a breeze to catch up!]

In some ways, Margaret Dunlap's "Fair Weather" is an echo of the winning formula that Brian Francis Slattery's "Anywhere But Here" established in the previous episode: Sal explores a bit of the Vatican, Sal meets some new team members, the team's "magic 8-ball" alerts them of a magical event, they

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Bookburners Listen-a-Long #2: Anywhere But Here by Brian Francis Slattery

Posted on 2015-09-25 at 14:25 by Sam

BB-2-26093804 Bookburners: Season One: Episode 2: Anywhere But Here by Brian Francis Slattery read by Xe Sands for Serial Box

[Missed Episode 1? The pilot episode is still free, and at under 90 minutes each it's a breeze to catch up!]

Well, I'm again late late with the listen-a-long recap, as Episode 3 ("Fair Weather", by Margaret Dunlap) has been out since Tuesday. With Episode #2 we see Bookburners HQ at the Vatican ("Looks a little Satanic for around here, doesn’t it?"), meet a new team member, and ride along for

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Quick fiction #WhispersyncDeal roundup for Friday, September 18: Water for Elephants, The Transcriptionist, A Reliable Wife, and Jill McCorkle's Life After Life

Posted on 2015-09-18 at 19:15 by Sam

Rather than share/Tweet these four fantastic fiction deals one at a time, I figured I'd just quickly round them up here. Enjoy! But act fast, as these are only good through the wee hours after midnight tonight:


Water for Elephants: A Novel by Sara Gruen (Author), David LeDoux (Narrator), John Randolph Jones (Narrator), for $1.99+$3.95 -- "Nonagenarian Jacob Jankowski reflects back on his wild and wondrous days with a circus. It's the Depression Era and Jacob, finding himself parentless and penniless

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Bookburners Listen-a-Long #1: Badge, Book, and Candle by Max Gladstone

Posted on 2015-09-16 at 16:41 by Sam
Badge, Book, and Candle (Bookburners, #1) Bookburners: Season One: Episode 1: Badge, Book, and Candle by Max Gladstone read by Xe Sands for Serial Box

Bookburners is a just-launched episodic fiction project by new publisher Serial Box, the first of their season- and episode-based "shows" (for lack of a better term!) brought to us by all-star teams of writers in collaborative fashion. In Bookburners, "Magic is real, and hungry—trapped in ancient texts and artifacts, only a few who discover it survive to fight back. Detective Sal Brooks is a

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The AudioBookaneers pick their favorite audiobooks of 2014

Posted on 2015-03-02 at 15:15 by Sam

Well, it's (past) that time of year again: time for Dave and I to look back on a year in listening. We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we jeered, we stayed up well into the night for these audiobooks. It seems like every year calls for a slight wrinkle in presentation, but this year it's a familiar one: our audiobooks of the year, runners up in both new audiobooks of new books and new audiobooks of previously published books, and our favorite "new to us" listens of the year. (And, mostly because it helps

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Release Week: Acceptance, The Bone Clocks, Maplecroft, Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, and Randall Munroe's "What If?"

Posted on 2014-09-09 at 3:49 by Sam

AUGUST 27-SEPTEMBER 2, 2014: September is here, and so are 5 of my most-anticipated audiobooks of the entire year: Jeff VanderMeer's Acceptance concludes his Southern Reach trilogy, David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks is the Cloud Atlas author's first new novel in four years, Cherie Priest's Maplecroft gives us Lizzie Borden and her axe, we find out what happens to an angel on the run after Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, and Wil Wheaton narrates an audiobook adaptation of Randall Munroe's What If? Also out

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Release Week: Jim Butcher's Skin Game, Jane Lindskold's Artemis Awakening, Glen Hirshberg's Motherless Child, Jo Walton's Tooth and Claw, and Tim Pratt's Heirs of Grace

Posted on 2014-05-29 at 15:27 by Sam

MAY 21-27, 2014: Well, crap. I should have snatched up Nick Harkaway's Tigerman before Audible (US) realized that it couldn't sell it to me, but hopefully that's a "not yet" and not an "ever". So, a release week I was over-the-top excited about is taken down a notch, though with blockbuster series releases from Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files continues with Skin Game, read by James Marsters), Elizabeth Moon (Crown of Renewal in her  Paksennarion: Paladin's Legacy series), and Ian Douglas (Dark Matter in his

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Release Week: The Word Exchange, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, Strange Bodies, The End is Nigh, Steles of the Sky, The Dragon Business, Black Moon, NOD, The Vanishing, No Lasting Burial, King Maker, and David Gerrold's When HARLIE Was One

Posted on 2014-04-15 at 18:38 by Sam

APRIL 2-8, 2014: Well, the April 1 avalanche was followed up with an April 8 landslide, with a long, long! list of titles to check out, which took me a good long while to finally make sense of. (Seeing as this is coming a full week late, and the "next" release week is already here!) Just... so many good books that even after cutting beyond the comfort point, I had more than a dozen "picks". Which does nobody any good, now, does it? So I cut further, and it hurts a bit, but the audiobooks that remain really

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News: Bronson Pinchot to narrate Jeff VanderMeer's Authority, Book 2 of The Southern Reach; and Xe Sands to narrate Wendy Webb's The Vanishing

Posted on 2014-03-11 at 15:47 by Sam

Two narrator castings to pass along this morning, the first is both the most recent and what I'll be listening to in the wee hours of May 6: Blackstone Audio has tapped Audie-Award winning narrator Bronson Pinchot to narrate Authority: The Southern Reach, Book 2 by Jeff VanderMeer, released fairly quickly on the heels of Annihilation, read by Carolyn McCormick, which was released in February. I've listened to many of Pinchot's audiobooks (from non-fiction like How to Build an Android: The True Story of

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Joining Literate Housewife's The Silence of Trees Listen-A-Long

Posted on 2012-04-04 at 15:31 by Sam

Link: Joining Literate Housewife's The Silence of Trees Listen-A-Long

I’ve seen narrator Xe Sands name come up on a few titles I’m interested in listening to (most recently The Vanishers) and along comes an audiobook listen-a-long for The Silence of Trees by Valya Dudycz Lupescu, narrated by Sands for Iambik:

And the “listen-a-long” includes a 20% discount code as well. So: join along!

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